Jarrod Musselwhite
I LOVE POINTLESS PICKS! I am happy to say Pointless Picks are the official pick of the Royal Order of the Bloody Chainsaw!


Bobby Lee Magyarosi
"I like the warm, full bodied tone that I get when using Pointless Picks. With their unique shape and grip, I can find interesting ways to add expression to my playing." Bobby Magyarosi

Check out some music from Bobby Lee and
Desperate Measures right here!

Marianne Murphy
Marianne has recorded her new CD "I Am My Mother's Daughter" with Pointless Picks®

Listen at www.mariannemurphymusic.com

Neal Gilbertson aka Jibes:
Neal has been using Pointless Picks from the beginning of their existance and has recorded tunes with them.

White Light- an original tune by Jibes aka Neal.

YouTube: Knockin' On Heaven's Door - Cover by Jibes

Jibes Art

Pointless Pickers!

Pointless Pickers !

Meet some of our Pointless Pickers! Let us know if you want to be a Pointless PIcker and we'll add you to our page with an announcement in Pointless News!

Pointless Music!

Completely Oblivious at AJ's

Attempting to play your best with anything else is, ...Pointless!

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Pointless Pickers!