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Pick Dropping
While crawling on all fours in front of a bonfire on an inky black night searching in vain for a black colored guitar pick, dropped, during an emotional performance of a song just penned; it occurred to me that there must be a better way.  The world needed a guitar pick that prevented dropping while still offering good playability and great sound.  The challenge crystallized in my mind.

Elegant Solution

My quest certainly did not begin with a clean sheet of paper.  I believe there to be no more ignorant method to uncover an elegant solution to a vexing problem than to start with a clean sheet of paper. Convinced that improvement was possible, I collected all manner of picks and materials.  These included specimens made from tortoise shell, celluloid, nylon, acetal, wood, stone, metal & buffalo horn which were then evaluated for playability, tone & recorded image. To allow me to accurately convert blocks of raw material into guitar pick stock I obtained a vintage gray 1948 Bridgeport Milling machine.

5 Years of Development
After more than 5 years of development and several hundred prototypes later the patented Pointless Picks round shape with the raised grip ring began to emerge. I discovered that the raised grip ring allows the pick to be gripped lightly without risk of dropping.  The overall round shape improves accuracy by eliminating the traditional point that constantly rotates while playing.  The end result is a pick that greatly increases accuracy while virtually eliminating dropping.

Additional Benefits
An additional benefit of the round shape is increased tonal possibilities!  By rotating the pick with respect to the strings you can vary the angle of attack. This varies the volume and tone of a plucked string allowing more artistic expression than is possible with a traditional pointed pick. At even small angles of attack speed picking becomes dramatically easier making your music more fulfilling whether your thing is death metal or gypsy jazz. 

Pointless Picks currently come in many different thicknesses to suit many different styles & instrument types. Try Pointless Picks for yourself and you will agree that
Attempting to play your best with anything else is, ...Pointless!

Designer Doug Larsen talks about developing Pointless Picks. 

A revolutionary new plectrum for musical instruments!

Attempting to play your best with anything else is, ...Pointless!

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